Christmas has come again for Beliebers everywhere
Credit: Courtesy Calvin Klein

He finally did it – Justin Bieber is officially a Calvin Klein model!

In a teaser ad posted to Calvin Klein’s Instagram, Bieber reminded us all that he’s quite musically gifted.

While the singer’s face was not clearly shown in the video, eagle-eyed Beliebers (including us) easily spotted that stature and those tattoos:

Not long after the video went live, Bieber, 20, revealed that he’s otherwise gifted when he released the first official campaign photo to his own Instagram:

Then, Calvin Klein followed up with their photo of Bieber with model Lara Stone, 31, as seen above.

The brand also re-Tweeted a pretty steamy animated GIF from the pair’s shoot:

This is the culmination of a long-held dream of Bieber’s; the singer, a huge fan of shirtless selfies, lets his Calvins peek out from his jeans at every opportunity.

For example, this shot from six months ago:

Bieber’s deal with Calvin Klein may have been inked as far back as September of last year, when he stripped to his undies on stage for Fashion Rocks alongside his future campaign partner.

He later Instagrammed that “it wasn’t planned,” which, if you believe that, we’ve got a bridge we’d like to sell you.

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