'Very Wise' Justin Bieber Gives Advice to Rising Pop Star Tori Kelly

"It's about the people, and it will go by so fast"

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Tori Kelly may still be considered an “up-and-comer,” but she’s firmly established herself on the music scene, finding success after years of posting YouTube videos and killing it on shows like Star Search, America’s Most Talented Kids and American Idol.

At least Kelly, 22, doesn’t have to feel overwhelmed – she has friends in high places who are eager to help guide her on her journey to pop superstardom. Unsuspecting role model Justin Bieber took it upon himself to offer the burgeoning pop star – whose first album, Unbreakable Smile, debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 – some advice on handling fame.

“[Justin] came to my album release party in May,” Kelly told ABC . “And it was cool to see him just so relaxed. He was very mature and very wise. And I was just telling him, ‘How did you feel when you put out your first album? Like, how was it? Because I’m freaking out right now.’ And he was like, you know, ‘You’ve just gotta appreciate all these people here supporting you and, like, that’s what it’s about. It’s about the people, and it will go by so fast.’ ”

Bieber wasn’t the only A-lister who came out to support Kelly at her release party, which attracted stars like Selena Gomez, Ed Sheeran, Ashley Benson, Cody Simpson and Meghan Trainor.

Kelly’s streak hasn’t stopped there. The singer took the BET Awards by storm, performing a powerful rendition of Smokey Robinson’s “Who’s Lovin’ You” and heating up PEOPLE’s Instagram.

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