"I feel a responsibility to my fans and to the public who believe in my to make it right," he says in a new interview
Credit: Hedi Slimane

After a rough few years in the spotlight, Justin Bieber is ready for a fresh start.

Gamely sitting through a Comedy Central roast in March in which his various run-ins with the law and his on-and-off relationship with Selena Gomez were all poked at, “I was nervous to watch it, but it was really funny,” he says in a new interview with U.K. magazine Hero.

Leading up to the taping, the singer, 21, had been on an apology trail – and he assures fans it wasn’t just for show.

“I hope people felt the sincerity in my apologies,” he says. “There are a lot of things that have happened in the last couple years that I’m not proud of and I feel a responsibility to my fans and to the public who believe in me to make it right it was honest.”

The star – who shot to fame at 13 and hasn’t released an album since 2012 – is currently recording his next studio album.

“The biggest difference is that I’m older,” he says about his upcoming music, which is partly being produced by Kanye West and Rick Rubin. “I was 17 when I recorded most of my last album, and I’m 21 now. I’ve been through a lot in a public way, which gives me a much different perspective on things.”

Adds the singer: “The creative process this time around is more personal It’s amazing because I’m able to really work out anything I am feeling in my music.”

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