"She just wants money," says Yeater's ex-boyfriend who was once accused of fathering the same child. "It's a scam"

By Dahvi Shira
Updated November 06, 2011 12:00 PM
Credit: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department/Getty

The Justin Bieber-Mariah Yeater paternity suit plot thickens.

Just days after the pierced Las Vegas resident, 20, alleged that she took Bieber’s virginity after one of his concerts and gave birth to his child in July, people from the woman’s past say her claims are a “scam.”

According to Frances Lippe, the grandma of Yeater’s ex-boyfriend John Terranova, 19, Yeater initially alleged that her former beau was the dad – a claim Terranova vehemently denied last December, reports TMZ.

When Yeater confronted Terranova of the so-called news, the two got into an argument and police were called, according to court documents obtained by the site. Yeater, who allegedly broke a car window out of rage, came back to the house later that day and apparently slapped Terranova three times in the face. She was arrested and charged with battery, Lippe tells TMZ, and they never heard from Yeater again.

“I know [the dad] is not Justin Bieber,” Terranova told the NY Post in the pop star’s defense. “She just wants money. It’s a scam.”

Calling Yeater promiscuous, Terranova’s current girlfriend Lacy Jensen, who also happens to be pregnant, says Yeater “just wants someone to take care of her.”

Lawyers for Yeater have not yet responded to these claims. Bieber says he’s “never met the woman.”