Father-Daughter Re-Creates 'Jurassic Park' Using $100,000 in Legos

Paul Hollingsworth and his daughter, Hailee, remade the 1993 classic into an epic three-minute Lego short


A Lego-loving dad embarked on an epic, three-month-long bonding experience with his 8-year-old daughter, Hailee, and the result is impressing Lego fans and Jurassic Park devotees alike.

The two have re-created the 1993 dinosaur classic as a three-minute short using all Legos.

Jurassic Park is one of the best movies of all time. That’s why I wanted to re-create it in Lego,” explained Paul Hollingsworth.

But before you decide that those colorful bricks are a cost-effective way to make movies, know that this Jurassic Park uses more than $100,000 in Lego pieces.

Fellow Lego builders lent a hand – and a lot of Legos – to help the pair build the elaborate sets. As Hollingsworth explains in a behind-the-scenes video, many of their friends even lent their voices to the project.

Hollingsworth and his daughter did a lot of the work themselves too. Hailee, for example, animated the scene where the Lego version of Tim gets zapped by the electric fence. “I like doing Lego movies with my dad. It’s fun because I can do all these cool voices,” Hailee says. “I do all kinds of voices.”

Hailee even hosts her own Lego video series, Brick Grrl. And in case you’re curious about creating your own brick-tastic movies, Hollingsworth’s creative collective, Digital Wizards, has a book, Brick Flicks that explains how to make stop-motion Lego movies.

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