Happy Independence Day from Yeah-Yeah, Smalls, Benny and the rest of the crew

Credit: Everett

As we fire up the grills and bust out the sparklers to celebrate Independence Day, we can’t forget the boys of The Sandlot, who provided us with one of the best Fourth of July movie scenes to date.

No Sandlot fan can forget Smalls, Benny, Ham, Squints, Yeah-Yeah and the rest of the gang playing their only night game of the year as the fireworks light up the sky on Independence Day.

Ray Charles sings “America the Beautiful” while narrator David M. Evans says, “We played our best then because I guess we all felt like the big leaguers under the lights of some big stadium. … For us, baseball was a game. But for Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez, baseball was life.”

If that doesn’t make your childhood heart skip a beat, we don’t know what will.