You May Never Be as Excited by Anything as This Woman Is by Whales (VIDEO)

World Science Festival associate design director Julie Rossman's love for whales is well-expressed and well-documented

Photo: Tony Beck/Barcroft Media /Landov

We’re just happy she’s happy.

World Science Festival associate design director Julie Rossman was on a whale-watching trip in August of 2011, when a whole pod of whales surfaced next to her boat.

Rossman’s watch guide did say that this represents the most whales he had ever seen at one time, so that’s definitely cause for excitement – and Rossman’s eardrum-shattering exclamations.

But we’d like to ask Rossman if she reacts this dramatically to other things in her life, or is it just whales that do it for her?

Of course, the annals of Internet history are filled with histrionic people, from the double rainbow guy to the “Leave Britney alone” kid. In fact, Yosemitebear62, or “the double rainbow guy,” actually commented on this video on YouTube: “Whales help you connect to Spirit.”

So there you go. It’s a totally normal reaction.

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