While the world’s eyes focused on Hollywood’s 1999 achievements on Sunday night, current releases also captured some attention over the weekend. “Erin Brockovich,” starring Julia Roberts, held on to her top spot on the box office chart, followed closely by the new action film “Romeo Must Die,” starring Jet Li. The weekend’s Top 10, according to industry estimates:

1. “Erin Brockovich,” $19 million.
2. “Romeo Must Die,” $18.6 million.
3. “Final Destination,” $7.1 million.
4. “Mission to Mars,” $5.8 million.
5. “Here on Earth,” $4.6 million.
6. “Whatever it Takes,” $4.3 million.
7. “American Beauty,” $3.9 million.
8. “My Dog Skip,” $3.3 million.
9. “The Cider House Rules,” $2.8 million.
10. “The Whole Nine Yards,” $2.1 million.