The actress serves up a "recipe for success" while promoting Valentine's Day

By Sara Hammel
January 31, 2010 10:20 AM
Stewart Cook/Rex

What is a relationship-challenged woman to do when Valentine’s Day is looming?

Ask Julia Roberts for advice, of course!

During a press conference Friday in Beverly Hills to promote Valentine’s Day, due out Feb. 12, Roberts sat on a panel with eight other stars from the film including Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Garner, Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Shirley MacLaine, George Lopez, Topher Grace, Hector Elizondo and director Garry Marshall.

When a woman asked for tips on how to “make him make me happy [on] Valentine’s Day,” Roberts made a face and said, “Wow. Can we at least dim the lights?”

As her costars laughed, Roberts said, “Okay, wait a minute. How long have you been with your boyfriend? You have sex with him?”

As the woman hesitated, Roberts said firmly, “You’re the one that brought it up. You opened Pandora’s box! Where’s the problem? We can fix this.”

The woman said, “He keeps saying I’m a bad planner.”

Roberts’s solution: “Make a nice dinner reservation now, because that’s the biggest night out of the year – says the former hostess – have a nice glass of wine, and take your top off.”

She turned to her costar on her right and said, “I think it’s a recipe for success. Wouldn’t you say, Bradley Cooper?”