No wonder she loves him: Benjamin Bratt was Julia Roberts’s knight in shining armor at the Golden Globes on Sunday. Her beau, she told reporters backstage at the Beverly Hilton, gallantly rescued her from a fashion emergency when her dress snapped during her arrival at the awards show. “It broke!” said Roberts, reaching back to display and touch the triangle of skin the gown bared on her back. “Benjamin had to fix it! First (he used) a cameraman’s clip . . . and then Benjamin got a pin and fixed it.” Her stunning long-sleeved, midnight blue Armani gown was in marked contrast to a lot of the flashy, cleavage-baring gowns on the other stars of the evening. Being understated was her point, said Roberts, who also noted that the Golden Globe trophy itself looks more tasteful these days. When she won her first Globe, for 1990’s “Pretty Woman,” the prize “used to be orange, a hideous Holiday Inn bathroom orange.” Concluded Julia, “We’ve both upgraded. I think I look better (this year) too.”