May 05, 2006 07:45 AM

Julia Roberts played matchmaker on Thursday night’s Late Show – suggesting that David Letterman’s 2-year-old son, Harry, hook up with her 17-month-old daughter.

“He’d be perfect for Hazel,” said the Erin Brockovich Oscar winner, who has been named one of PEOPLE’s “Most Beautiful People” 10 times. “Harry and Hazel. Isn’t that cute?”

After confessing how labor intensive it is to cope with one child, Letterman suggested to Roberts that having two – Hazel’s twin brother is Phinnaeus – must be “psycho.” Replied Roberts: “You know how some things are so ugly they become beautiful again? This is so psycho it’s fantastic.”

Describing her children and their similarities and differences, Roberts said, “They seem to really love each other. He’s sort of very boyish and masculine. He has red hair and big green eyes. And she’s very girlish and has very blonde hair and blue eyes. He likes blueberries. She likes her daddy.”

That would be cameraman Danny Moder, whom Roberts, now 38, wed in July 2002.

Studiously avoided was any discussion of the critical reaction to the Broadway play in which Roberts now stars, Three Days of Rain – reviews for which were mainly negative.

She did chide Letterman for not coming to her April 19 opening, however, especially since the theater is “only eight blocks away” – and since Oprah Winfrey managed to fly all the way in from Chicago for the premiere. “You got my note about the rash?” Letterman joked.

Still, she said of being on stage, “It’s thrilling. It’s my dream come to life, my professional dream.”

Once the curtain comes down for good on the drama June 18, Roberts says she’ll be back before the cameras to star with Tom Hanks and possibly Philip Seymour Hoffman for director Mike Nichols in an adaptation of the book Charlie Wilson’s War, about a Texas congressman’s covert dealings in Afghanistan.

As for Letterman’s future, Roberts asked, “Have you got married yet to Harry’s mom (Regina Lasko)?” Once he regained his composure, a still-ruffled Letterman joked: “The paperwork is still at the courthouse. It’ll happen when a day opens up on the calendar.”

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