Eric Roberts says the birth of Julia's twins has brought the once-estranged siblings together


Just a few weeks old, and twins Phinnaeus and Hazel have already made a difference: They have brought together in a hospital room mom Julia Roberts and uncle Eric Roberts.

The siblings have differed since Julia sided with Eric’s ex-girlfriend Kelly Cunningham during a 1993 custody battle over the couple’s daughter Emma. He visited the new mom while she was nursing her twins two days after their birth on Nov. 28.

“We all dropped a couple of tears,” Eric, 48, tells PEOPLE. “We couldn’t stop going, ‘Ooo, wow, look at his hands, look at his feet, he’s got red hair!'”

Eric says his relationship with his sister is back on track. “What matters now is the children,” he says. “Everybody’s healthy, happy and wise. Julia was probably the best-looking pregnant broad on the planet. And I don’t think she’s ever been happier in my presence.”