Judge Tightens Orders on Britney Spears

Monitored visits will be terminated if her conduct "endangers the children" and a missed drug test will be deemed a failed test

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Britney Spears must complete three joint counseling sessions with ex-husband Kevin Federline by their next hearing date of Oct. 26, a court ruled Wednesday.

Documents released Thursday reveal other stricter measures L.A. Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon handed down the previous day, particularly pertaining to Spears.

The commissioner specified that “a missed [drug] test, refusal to submit to a test, or failure to respond to the testing agency’s call … shall be deemed by the court as a failed test,” the documents read. Spears, 25, is still expected to complete twice-weekly random testing for drugs and alcohol.

A source told the Los Angeles Times that Spears reportedly slept through two random drug-test appointments. Another time, Spears was unavailable to be tested at home.

Spears was also ordered to complete at least three individual counseling sessions by the next hearing.

With regard to her supervised visitation rights with her two sons, Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, “the monitor shall terminate visitation immediately if any conduct or action by [Spears] endangers the minor children,” the documents state.

“Monitored visits can occur anywhere, even at Britney’s home if she wants,” family law attorney Lynn Soodik said. “However, at no time will she be left alone with the kids. Even if mother and child is in the bathroom, or on a ride at Disneyland, the monitor will be there.”

According to court representative Allan Parachini, “Britney’s access to her kids works out to about every other day.” The visits will not necessarily occur consecutively, he said.

The latest rulings were decided after a three-hour, closed-door court session on Wednesday personally attended by Federline, 29. All orders made on Sept. 17 are still in effect.

Both Spears and Federline are required to attend the Oct. 26 hearing.

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