Mary Kay Letourneau can see Vili Fualaau, the minor she was convicted of having sex with


A judge on Friday agreed to lift a no-contact order that prevented former teacher Mary Kay Letourneau from seeing Vili Fualaau, the sixth-grade student with whom she had a sexual relationship that produced two children.

King County Superior Court judge Linda Lau swiftly approved a request submitted two days earlier by Fualaau, now 21, which grants them unlimited, unsupervised contact.

Letourneau, 42, was released from the Washington State Corrections Center for Women Wednesday after serving nearly 7 years behind bars for child rape. When their relationship began, Letourneau was 34, Fualaau was 12.

Dan Donohoe, spokesman for the King County Prosecutor’s Office, said that Fualaau’s request was met with no objections by the state or the Department of Corrections. “Judge Lau took into strong consideration the wishes of Fualaau, the adult victim in this case,” says Donohoe. “Mostly, there was no further legal basis for keeping the order active.”

Of the many questions still looming, there is the issue of who will get custody of Letourneau and Fualaau’s daughters, now 5 and 7. The children are being raised by Fualaau’s mother, Soona.

“Custody of the children has not been addressed at this time,” says Fualaau’s attorney, Scott Stewart. “That is a different process that Mary Kay will have to initiate on her own if she chooses. But, I think we are a ways away from that at this point.”