Stephen M. Silverman
October 22, 2003 03:22 PM

Kimberly Mathers, the ex-wife of Eminem, is on the lam after a Michigan judge issued a bench warrant for her on Tuesday when she missed two court appearances in a drug-possession case, the Associated Press reports.

Kimberly Mathers, 28, is accused of possessing up to 25 grams of cocaine, driving with a suspended license and unsafe driving near a stopped emergency vehicle following a June 10 incident.

Her trial was due to begin next month, but she failed to appear at her arraignment in Macomb County Circuit Court Monday. Assistant Prosecutor David Portuesi said her whereabouts are unknown.

The judge then set a new deadline of Tuesday morning for her appearance, but again she reportedly failed to show. The judge then issued the warrant. (Portuesi tells AP it’s unlikely police will go searching for her.)

The Grammy-winning rapper’s former wife — who is also under a judge’s orders to undergo drug testing at two-week intervals — has been free on bond since her arrest. Mathers and the rap star (real name: Marshall Mathers III) were married in 1999 and divorced in 2001. They have a daughter together, Hailie Jade.

Meanwhile, Rolling Stone writer Anthony Bozza takes Kimberly to task for cheating on her husband in a new 300-page biography of Eminem, “Whatever You Say I Am,” according to New York’s Daily News.

Not that the subject of the book is off the hook, either. Bozza also reportedly chronicles Eminem’s penchant for Ecstacy and Bacardi rum and his bouts with performance anxiety. (Whether that refers to a type of anxiety in public or private, the newspaper does not make clear.)

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