Jude Law Is Still Asked About 'The Holiday' 's Mr. Napkin Head — 10 Years Later!

The actor, soon to be seen in HBO's The Young Pope, also opens up about his own holiday traditions

For Jude Law, the holidays have synonymous with The Holiday.

In one especially adorable scene, Law’s Graham introduces love interest Amanda (Cameron Diaz) not only to his two children (Miffy Englefield and Emma Pritchard), but also to a character that follows him to this day: Mr. Napkin Head.

Acknowledging that the film “runs on repeat” at this time a year, Law tells PEOPLE he is still “approached on the street about that film. Who knew? I didn’t know [what it would become] at the time, I’m just really happy that it’s something that people still enjoy.”

Of the charming, intimate moment, Law says director “Nancy [Meyers is] a bit of a master at creating those particular worlds.”

He adds about the girls: “I was thinking about those two kids the other day — I’m sure they’re not kids now — and seeing them. I bet they’re all grown up, aren’t they?”

Jude Law

Soon to be seen in HBO’s The Young Pope, premiering Jan. 15, Law shares his own holiday traditions — he didn’t say whether they involve napkin characters — with his brood. (Law has two sons Rafferty, 20, and Rudy, 14, as well as daughter Iris, 16, with ex Sadie Frost; he also has a 7-year-old daughter, Sophia, with ex Samantha Burke, and a 21-month-old daughter, Ada, with ex Catherine Harding.)

“We do very simple, very traditional stuff,” shares the 43-year-old actor of his extended family’s Christmas crackers, crowns and all festivities in London. “We have usually a long, lazy morning opening gifts and eating nice food and then we all go out for lunch. It’s usually parents and the kids. [It’s] quite a big family gathering. And then we go home and watch movies and play games.”

And for the two-time Oscar nominee, it’s a time to get a jump-start on awards season, too: “This is the time of the year I’ve got my Academy screeners, so I’m usually catching up and revisiting my favorite films of the year.”

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