"He loves me and I love him, so it was really neat and special," says Joy Webb

By Steve Helling
Updated April 14, 2015 09:40 PM

Joy Webb’s perfect prom night started with a carriage ride – and ended with her dancing the night away with her date.

But the 17-year-old high school junior didn’t go to the prom with one of her classmates from Albertville High School in Albertville, Alabama. Instead, she chose a much older man: her 80-year-old grandfather, James Drain.

And the reason she chose him was even more touching. Drain didn’t get to go to his own prom – although he would have liked to attend. He had dropped out of school to join the Navy and was fighting the Korean War.

Nearly 63 years later, Drain finally got his wish.

A month ago, Webb invited her grandfather over for dinner when she popped the question. “She said, ‘Hey, will you come to the prom with me and be my beau?’ ” Drain told WHNT. “And I said, ‘I sure will!’ ”

By all accounts, it was a perfect night. “You look so handsome,” she told him when she saw him in his tuxedo – the first time he had ever worn one.

Drain had never gone to a school dance, but he still had some moves. He and his wife used to go dancing regularly before she died two years ago. Even now, he often goes to a nearby senior center to dance.

Webb and Drain were one of the last couples on the dance floor, dancing to oldies by Elvis Presley and Chubby Checker. They didn’t leave until the lights were turned on.

For her part, Webb says she had a better time with her grandfather than if she had gone with a classmate.

My family is everything to me,” Webb told the station. “I know he loves me and I love him, so it s just really neat and special.

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