The couple is relocating together and talking about having babies ... eventually


Bring on the boxes and packing tape, Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger are moving in together.

Fringe star Joshua Jackson says that he and girlfriend Diane Kruger, for whom he has the pet name “Mrs.,” are planning to settle down as his hit FOX series relocates to Vancouver from Toronto. Jackson tells Entertainment Tonight Canada that he needs to find a place to stay, and he and Kruger have “already made the commitment to do this together.”

For now the two keep track of each other from far apart cities by phone, text messaging and video chats, which Jackson, 30, prefers since, “you’re there and you can see the face and you can see the sarcasm.”

Meanwhile, Kruger, 32, who is appearing in Inglourious Basterds with Brad Pitt, recently mentioned that she and Jackson want to have children. His take on it? “Eventually I hope so,” he says, with an additional message for Kruger’s mother: “I know you don’t speak English very well, but somebody should translate this for you ‘Don’t worry, you’re not about to become a grandmother.’ ”
– Daniel S. Levy
from Huffington Post
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