Josh Holloway Speaks Out on Burglary

The Lost actor calls being held at gunpoint "like getting hit by lightning"

Lost actor Josh Holloway, who remained silent about being robbed at gunpoint in his Hawaiian home except to issue a thank-you to police, is finally talking about the scary incident – which he calls “like getting hit by lightning.”

“People get robbed every day, in L.A., New York,” Holloway tells TV’s Entertainment Tonight, according to excerpts from the interview released to the Honolulu-Star Bulletin. “I’ve lived in those cities for 10 years and considered myself fortunate to never have experienced it there.”

During a break-in at the actor’s Hawaii Kai home on Oct. 12, Holloway, who plays con man Sawyer on the ABC show, and his wife, Yessica, were rousted from bed at gunpoint by a man who took cash and credit cards and then drove off in Holloway’s Mercedes-Benz, which police found abandoned a short time later.

In a statement released after the robbery, Holloway said only, “We are very grateful for the help of the Honolulu Police Department and the support of the local community.” On Oct. 19, a suspect in the case was arrested.

In this new interview, Holloway says: “When someone has a gun in your face, don’t give them any reason to pull the trigger. That’s it, there’s nothing you can do. If someone is pointing a 9 millimeter at me, I’m not moving.”

Holloway said his greatest concern was keeping his wife safe. “I just covered my wife and protected her, and that was it. And off he went.”

He’s uncertain if his celebrity played into the robber’s motives. “Maybe he inquired and got some information,” says the actor, 36. “I’m not sure.”

Admittedly, he says, “All of my neighbors are like, ‘My God, this doesn’t happen,'” and, ultimately, he considers the incident “just unfortunate,” and “we just want to let it go.”

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