"I took the FBI training course. I have home protection," says the Lost star, who was robbed at gunpoint

By People Staff
Updated January 13, 2009 12:55 PM

He plays the unflappable Sawyer on Lost, but Josh Holloway says he is still rattled by a brutal 2005 home invasion, which he vows will “never” be repeated.

“Having a gun held to our heads when we’re naked in our bedroom at four in the morning is never going to happen to my wife and me again,” the actor tells Playboy in its February issue, on stands Jan. 16. “I took the FBI training course. I have home protection.”

While at their Hawaii Kai home in 2005, Holloway and his wife Yessica were rousted from bed at gunpoint by a man who took cash and credit cards and then drove off in Holloway’s Mercedes-Benz, which police found abandoned a short time later. Last June, Ruben Royce was sentenced to between 13 and 30 years in prison for his three-week crime spree.

“It still gets me,” says Holloway. “The guy was a crackhead who had hit 22 people in two and a half weeks. He took an 80-year-old couple and duct-taped them up. He also attempted to murder another guy. I had a nightmare about it last night.”

Still, there are dangers to increased home security, says Holloway, who announced last month that he and Yessica are expecting their first child later this year. “Of course, there’s also the statistic that owning a gun increases your chances of being shot by 300 percent.”

Holloway, who returns for Lost‘s fifth season on Jan. 21, also sounded off about another brush with Hawaiian law: his 2006 speeding ticket. “It’s an island, very easily patrolled, and we are the only big celebrities who stay there all the time,” Holloway says of filming Lost in Oahu. “I was going around 50 in a 35 zone, and that’s embarrassing. I should have been going faster.”