Josh Groban Shares His Dating Woes

Single for the first time since becoming famous, the singer says his "b.s. meter is high"

Photo: Danny Moloshok/AP

Josh Groban’s new album, Awake, debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 this week, but when it comes to romance, there’s no top gal in his heart.

“I’m a single guy at the moment,” Groban, 25, told PEOPLE at Tuesday’s American Music Awards. “And I’m dating. But it’s hard to date when you’re like, ‘Hi. I’ll see you in three months when I’m back from Europe.’ ”

Groban split with actress January Jones in June after three years together.

“It’s my first time being single and also kind of, like, famous,” he told PEOPLE. “So my b.s. meter is high. I have to make sure I meet the right people. I have a few friends they have to (be approved by to) pass the test.”

Groban, who wore a velvet Juicy Couture jacket to the AMAs (“I was like, ‘Wow, I can afford this!’ “), has some thoughts on what makes a perfect date: “Fancy is always great. It’s always nice to show you care. But there’s also nothing more romantic than renting a movie and making popcorn.”

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