All he needs is his pajamas and a certain ABC reality show with his "absolutely spectacular" girlfriend, the singer-songwriter tells PEOPLE

By Jacqueline Andriakos
Updated March 16, 2015 01:55 PM
Larry Busacca/Getty

All Josh Groban needs on a Friday night is his girlfriend Kat Dennings, a onesie and a reality show marathon on ABC.

The singer-songwriter, 34, stopped by the PEOPLE Now studio Monday to dish on his typical date night with the 2 Broke Girls star, 28. The couple’s favorite activity? A Shark Tank binge.

“I try to behave like one of the sharks from the comfort of my onsie,” the Crazy, Stupid, Love actor said, also joking he’s often tempted by the out-there businesses pitches on the show.

“A great date night is some good old-fashioned entrepreneurship,” he said. “We’ll sit at a table and think up inventions.”

Although his ideal night with his leading lady may sound a little less than glamorous, he admitted Dennings, who he started dating in October, has made him a total hopeless romantic.

“When you’re with somebody who’s as wonderful as she is – and she’s just absolutely spectacular – it’s like that Jack Nicholson [line], ‘It makes me want to be a better man,’ ” he said of Dennings, while attempting his best impression of the As Good as It Gets actor. “It’s great. It’s easy.”

Though he sits beside Dennings during a Shark Tank binge, he likely won’t join the actress on her comedy series 2 Broke Girls.

“They already have one bearded creep on that show. I don’t think they need another!” he joked.

Where might we spot Groban next? Broadway! Groban – whose new Broadway-inspired album Stages! comes out April 28 – says that a stage debut would be a “dream come true for me.”

“I’ve said to myself 2016 is the year I’m going to find myself on Broadway. I hope I can live up to that,” he said. “In the meantime, these are songs I’ve wanted to sing my whole life.”