Danny Moloshok/AP
June 02, 2008 02:35 PM

Celine Dion has described Josh Groban’s instrument as “the voice of an angel” – and the 27-year-old crooner has no trouble maintaining an equally wholesome image. But in a new Details interview, Groban reveals a wild side – sort of – while reflecting on a hazy trip to Amsterdam. While playing poker with his bandmates, the singer asks, “Hey, do you remember, in Amsterdam, like, how funny bowling got all of a sudden?” As his bandmates crack up, he continues: We were in that café – um, for coffee. And, um, it was on TV and we’re like, ‘Oh, bowling’s on!’ And then, like, an hour later we were like, ‘Look at the way they’re squatting!'”
Brian Orloff

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