When the actor was asked to turn off his phone, and didn't, his plane returned to the gate

By Sara Hammel
December 03, 2010 01:40 PM
Brian Zak/Sipa

Josh Duhamel was taken off an airplane Thursday after refusing to turn off his BlackBerry.

The actor, 38, was traveling from New York to Kentucky when his plane was delayed, according to TMZ.com, which first reported the story. While the aircraft was on the runway, he pulled out his BlackBerry and began texting, despite being told by a flight attendant to turn off his phone.

After Duhamel refused the request, the aircraft was turned around and sent back to the gate, and the actor was escorted off.

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According to his rep, the actor was texting about his flight delay. “He’s sorry,” Duhamel’s rep tells PEOPLE.

The TMZ account also alleges that Duhamel was asked by a male flight attendant to turn off the device three separate times. Before boarding the flight, Duhamel reportedly was watching the Cleveland-Miami basketball game in an airport bar.