The actor, 40, romances Julianne Hough in the new film Safe Haven

By Julie Jordan
Updated February 08, 2013 09:15 AM
Credit: FameFlynet

Josh Duhamel, 40, is married to Fergie, but romances Julianne Hough in the new film Safe Haven. This week he chatted with PEOPLE.

Last gift I gave
I got my wife [Fergie] a little something for our anniversary that I can’t divulge. Before that was plane vouchers for my parents to come out and visit. Last year they didn’t come. I should say they are only good for flying to Los Angeles.

Last time I cursed
Yesterday, when I tripped over Julianne [Hough]’s curling iron cord and grabbed the wrong end of it. So I had to do the rest of our press day with Band-Aids all over my fingers. We put them under ice, but, yeah, they’re a little blistered. It’s not too bad.

Last time I lost my wallet
One of the running jokes in our house is that I’m running late because I can’t find my wallet. I find that if you say “St. Anthony, St. Anthony, look around, something’s lost and must be found,” it usually turns up. It really works.