Josh Duhamel caught a large fish in Devil's Lake while fishing in his home state of North Dakota

By Nicole Sands
Updated August 24, 2015 05:20 PM
Credit: Courtesy Josh Duhamel

As if Josh Duhamel isn’t the perfect catch himself.

The Battle Creek actor, 42, visited his home state of North Dakota over the weekend to participate in a video shoot to promote tourism when he caught a colossal fish.

Rest assured that this fish proves traveling to the state for fishing alone is sure worth it.

“Caught a whopper in Devil’s Lake. Whoops! #NDLegendary,” Duhamel posted proudly on his Instagram.

In 2010, Fergie’s husband chatted with PEOPLE about taking his father-in-law ice fishing. While he noted it wasn’t necessarily “the most adventurous fishing,” he admitted “it’s one of the best excuses to drink a beer.”

North Dakota decided to bring Duhamel back for Round 2, following a successful 2014 advertising campaign.

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