Jordin Sparks's Super Bowl Gig a Family Affair

Parents, grandparents and brother helped make the Idol champ "very, very happy"

Photo: MCT/Landov

Jordin Sparks‘s singing the “Star-Spangled Banner” at Sunday’s Super Bowl was one big family affair.

Jordin’s mother Jodi lent her 18-year-old daughter jewelry to complement her Dolce & Gabbana sleeveless dress, her grandparents were on hand, as was her younger brother to keep her company.

And then there was her father’s contribution. Until he retired from the team in 2001, Phillippi Sparks played for the New York Giants – who just happened to beat the “unbeatable” New England Patriots on Sunday, 17-14.

“You couldn’t ask for a more fitting story,” Phillippi Sparks told the Associated Press. “How could it have been better aligned?”

As for Jordin, whose home in near the University of Phoenix Stadium where the big game was played, the American Idol champ said, “Growing up around [my dad] was really cool. I became a huge [football] freak.”

As a result, “When they approached me to sing at the Super Bowl, I was like, ‘Yeah I want to sing at the Super Bowl – are you crazy?’ I’m very, very, very happy,” she said, though she did admit there was one thing missing: “I have always wished that I could have played, and I can’t.”

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