The American Idol alum talks about sparring with her mom at home and in the ring
Credit: Emily Shur

Although singer Jordin Sparks loves exercising with her mom, Jodi Jackson, it’s not her mother’s physical strength she most admires.

“It’s her inner strength and courage,” says Sparks, who recalls, with a laugh, a time her mother’s muscles came into play. “When I was about 12, she told me not to lock my bedroom door. But I did. What did she do? She took my door completely off! It wasn’t like she said, ‘You’re in trouble,’ it was, ‘You have no door for six months!'”

Still, Jordin credits Jodi for championing her career. “We were watching American Idol, and I said, ‘I want to do that,'” remembers Jordin. “And she said, ‘We will do whatever it takes.'”

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