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February 21, 2016 10:15 AM

The entire cast of Grease: Live has been supporting Vanessa Hudgens after her father Greg died just one day before Fox’s live show was set to air.

“She handled it like a champ,” costar Jordan Fisher told PEOPLE at iHeart80’s party Saturday night. “We’re all very proud of her.”

When they asked how they could help her through this difficult time, she had a simple answer.

“She was like, honestly just being be here. Just doing the show and being with you guys is going to be the best thing for us,” recalls Fisher, who says he talks to Hudgens almost every day. Hudgens, who played Rizzo, went on to give a standout performance, earning praise from celebrities and fans.

“It’s never going to be easy and that’s the kind of thing that you can’t really prepare for regardless of how long the process is,” he says. “But she’s great.”

Since Grease: Live called it a wrap, Fisher says he only looks back on the experience as “crazy” and surreal.”

“You invest three months of your life,” says Fisher. “You hope that they like it and thank god they did.”

The cast took away a lot from the one-night performance.

“Really the camaraderie was thee from the beginning,” he says. “We all loved each other from day one which unfortunately isn’t as common as you would for it to be. But truly there wasn’t a bad apple in the case.”

Reporting by ABBY STERN

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