Court papers reveal that the singer, who suffered a stroke in March, is doing better

Credit: Stefanie Keenan/Getty

Joni Mitchell appears to be doing better after suffering a stroke in March.

While her longtime friend David Crosby said last month that the singer-songwriter was “not speaking yet,” court papers filed in Los Angles on July 2 reveal that the 71-year-old “is expected to make a full recovery.”

The court documents obtained by PEOPLE relate to Mitchell’s conservatorship and in the papers an attorney working on the matter wrote about a visit to Mitchell’s California home on June 26.

“When I arrived she was seated at her kitchen table feeding herself lunch,” Rebecca J. Thyne wrote.

They talked and the “Big Yellow Taxi” singer said that she wanted her conservatorship to continue.

“She also told me that she receives excellent care from caregivers round-the-clock,” Thyne continued. “It was clear that she was happy to be home and that she has made remarkable progress. She has physical therapy each day and is expected to make a full recovery.”

The attorney recommended that Mitchell be judged to lack the capacity to give informed consent for medical treatment and that the singer’s longtime friend Leslie Morris (who has been acting as Mitchell’s temporary conservator) be appointed her conservator.