JonBenet's Dad Beaten

John Ramsey, father of slain 6-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey, said he feared for his life on Tuesday during a fight with a burglar whom Ramsey, 57, said beat him up, locked him in a bathroom and fled with guns from the Ramseys’ $664,000 Atlanta home. Speaking to reporters about the incident and displaying facial scars and scratches, Ramsey told reporters, “I got to thinking this may not end up too good,” and so he let the surprise intruder escape. “I need to work out a little bit more, I guess, if I am going to take on guys 25 years younger than me,” Ramsey added. His wife, Patsy, was said to be in Bible-study class when the intrusion and fight occurred. She reportedly returned home once she got a call from a neighbor saying that the house had been robbed. An Atlanta police spokesman told the Associated Press that it isn’t known whether or not the intruder knew that the house he was robbing belonged to the parents of JonBenet, who was found murdered in Dec. 1996 in the Ramseys’ Boulder, Colo., home (no perpetrator was ever found). As for what is missing, “Mr. Ramsey has a gun vault, and we suspect that some weapons were taken,” said Deputy Police Chief C.B. Jackson.

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