Jonathan Hawkins's travel blog is full of adventures like this

Jonathan Hawkins had just finished a five-day hike near Beijing, China, when he decided to celebrate in a fairly unique fashion: He zip-lined across a valley and the river below.

Hawkins, who runs a travel blog called JHawk Daily, has been an extensive backpacker and traveler for years. He’s been all over the world and experienced some unique things along the way. Some of his other videos include swimming with whale sharks and casually palling around with some lions in Africa.

All that experience is probably why he doesn’t seem too fazed by the somewhat rough-hewn setup of the zip line he embarks on. We’re having a hard time watching it, but pro that he is, Hawkins just saddles up and takes the plunge.

It’s inspiring us to do something today. Nothing too drastic, maybe a jog. Nah, you know what? It’s a little cold outside. Tomorrow.

Cool video, though.

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