Jonathan Bricklin on Ex Susan Sarandon: 'I Love Her More Than Anyone'

Bricklin, who starred in the AOL reality series Connected with Sarandon, told the New York Post's Page Six how filming affected their relationship

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"It's fair to say that we are broken up, but I love her madly and I think she loves me a great deal."

That's how Jonathan Bricklin, 37, described the current status of his relationship to Susan Sarandon, 68, in an interview with PEOPLE Now.

Bricklin and Sarandon star in the AOL reality series Connected. It debuts Tuesday, and while reports have alleged the stress of filming Connected ended their six-year relationship, Bricklin said that's not the case.

"We weren't broken up [during filming] because we were still seeing each other," he told the New York Post's Page Six. "She's someone I love more than anyone I've ever been with and that won't change. We're going to figure out how life proceeds from here."

This show brought out a lot of stuff in me," he also told the outlet. "This process was like psychotherapy with video. It added challenges to a relationship. And because she's so public, there were lots of challenges having a relationship with her to begin with."

Produced by Morgan Spurlock, the reality series focuses on six New Yorkers who film their lives over a period of six months.

Bricklin also told Page Six that over the course of the relationship, he sensed a general perception that he wasn't good enough for Sarandon. He bristled at being called Sarandon's "boy toy" despite the couple's 31-year age difference.

"I wasn't a backup dancer for Madonna," he said. "She's not dating some young male model that could look pretty in tabloid pictures."

Could the couple ever get back together? Definitely maybe, Bricklin tells PEOPLE Now.

"We're going to be in each other's lives one way or another," he said. "I wouldn't rule it out. I still enjoy her company more than anyone's."

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