A look back at '90s teen star Jonathan Brandis on the 10th anniversary of his death
Credit: Ron Galella/WireImage

Ten years ago this week, at only the age of 27, beloved ’90s heartthrob Jonathan Brandis took his own life. Best known for his starring turns in Ladybugs, Sidekicks and The Neverending Story II – not to mention his appearances in such hit TV shows as Full House, Blossom and The Wonder Years – Brandis was a fixture of his era; in fact, his mother and manager told PEOPLE in 1994 that Jonathan received nearly 4,000 letters a week from adoring female fans. “Fan mail is funny,” Brandis observed at the time. “They leave numbers sometimes. I’ll call out of curiosity, and they’ll say (he assumes a high voice) ‘It’s not you!’ And they hang up.”

We miss Brandis every bit as much as you do. Here’s a quick look back at some of his most memorable performances – and be sure to leave your memories in the comments below.

The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter (1990)

Brandis took over the role of Bastion, best friend of luckdragon Falkor, from the first film’s moppet actor Barret Oliver.

Ladybugs (1992)

Coached by ’80s icons Rodney Dangerfield and Jackeé Harry, Brandis romanced a young Vinessa Shaw in this favorite gender-bender youth comedy.

Sidekicks (1992)

Doesn’t every boy dream of being Chuck Norris one day? Jonathan Brandis costarred with the action star in this cult film. (Skip to 3:40 to see the dynamic duo.)

seaQuest DSV (1993–96)

Brandis starred as a young computer genius in this fan favorite underwater sci-fi TV series.