Jonathan Bennett: Why 'Mean Girls' Wouldn't Work Today

The Copycat host says social media would make the 2004 classic a totally different movie

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Ten years later, Mean Girls star Jonathan Bennett is still having the best – make that most fetch – hair day ever.

“Every single day, someone comes up to me and says, ‘Your hair looks sexy pushed back,’ ” Bennett, 32, who portrayed Lindsay Lohan’s classroom crush, Aaron Samuels, tells PEOPLE in a nod to the famous line. “I’m flattered and I love it, and right now, they still care. And I love that they still care.”

But it doesn’t take a mathlete to figure this one out: The beloved 2004 comedy would be quite different if it was made today, says Bennett – and much of that has to do with our access to the ultimate burn book.

“Even though Mean Girls is the top Tweeted film, when we made that movie, Facebook and Twitter didn’t exist,” says the actor, who has been working as a spin instructor in between acting gigs. “Now we have a giant ‘burn book’: Twitter.”

Even though that book has closed, Bennett has kept busy since his days spent rolling with the Plastics. The actor says he films about eight movies a year and is the host of a new MTV karaoke competition show called Copycat.

“I wanted to get into hosting because I really wanted people to get to know quirky, funny, goofy Jonathan because I think that he’s a really fun person, and I like that guy,” says Bennett. “I want the viewers to meet me – not just Aaron Samuels.”

Copycat premieres June 2 and airs weekday afternoons on MTV.

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