The brothers say their fans in Scotland "made us feel wonderful"

By Jessica Herndon
May 27, 2008 07:40 PM

They ve melted many a girl’s heart in the United States. Now those brothers by the name of Jonas are in the U.K. and are blogging about it.

On their official MySpace page the musical trio write: “We just got off stage from our first concert in Glasgow. People in Scotland already knew our music. They made us feel wonderful. It is fun to go back in our memory to when it was new in America.

With the surprising level of security that greeted the brothers at their recent White House visit, plus praise from Oprah – and now with fans camped out to see them in the U.K. – could the Jonas Brothers possibly get any bigger?

Still, they remain dedicated to their fans. This morning we went outside our hotel and found a group of fans waiting so we gave them tickets, they write.

They even offer a shout-out to tour mate Avril Lavigne. “She has amazing music and we are looking forward to being on tour with her, they wrote just after arriving in Glasgow.

And despite their busy tour schedule, the guys made sure to squeeze in a few quality movie theater hours. Iron Man was amazing! they write.

They’ll tour with Lavigne through June and will continue on with their own “Burning Up Tour’ in Canada starting July 5.