The Comedy Central host came in ahead of President Barack Obama in the poll
Credit: Mark J. Terrill/AP

Today, the United States. This weekend, Washington, D.C.

In a poll of more than half a million readers, the online magazine has voted Jon Stewart the most influential man of 2010, it was announced Tuesday.

The distinction arrives only days ahead of this weekend’s “Rally to Restore Sanity” being organized by the Daily Show host and his Comedy Central colleague, Stephen Colbert, in the nation’s capital.

As for his influence, AskMen says, “Despite his innumerable enemies, Stewart’s acerbic take on the madness around him continues to draw audiences who look to the funnyman as a voice of reason. Stewart’s show was once dubbed the ‘fake news,’ but these days it’s become our youths’ most trusted source of information, and its host the most trusted man in America.”

Stewart, 47, heads AskMen’s Top 5 list, which also includes (in descending order) Microsoft chairman Bill Gates, Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, Apple’s Steve Jobs, and musician Kanye West, who, according to James Bassil, editor-in-chief, “don’t always play by the rules, and in many cases, created their own norms in opposition to the current times.”

Also notable about the list is the ranking of President Barack Obama, who came in at No. 1 in 2008, slipped to No. 3 last year, and is now No. 21.

“Nearly two years into his presidency, Barack Obama’s rallying cry of ‘Yes we can’ is starting to look like a bitter joke,” says the site. “America’s chief executive has faced one formidable roadblock after another as he’s attempted to get the country back on its feet.”

Which brings the subject back to Stewart – and his and Colbert’s rally, which is estimated to attract 150,000 people to the National Mall on Saturday. While it is still not certain whether the gathering is meant to be a serious political rally or one elaborate prank (only three days before the national midterm election), one thing is for sure: Comedy Central has ordered 508 port-a-potties for the event.