We're all going to get through this uncertainty together

Credit: HBO

It’s been an emotional day for Game of Thrones fans.

HBO released its first teaser art for season 6 of the causality-heavy show, and it would appear that one beloved character is not so dead after all. (Warning: Spoilers Ahead!)

Jon Snow (Kit Harington), who was brutally stabbed in the season 5 finale in June, is seen bloodied but seemingly alive in the shot.

This glimmering yet ambiguous spark of hope has caused many GoT fans, who want nothing more than to see the brooding Night’s Watch commander alive, to be hit with a pubescent-esque flurry of feels.

Because no one should have to go through this alone, we’ve established a helpful guide outlining the emotions you are likely to experience as you try to cope with this newfound uncertainty. These are the stages you can expect to go through upon viewing the poster:

Yes, yes, yes! Praise be to Mother Thrones, Jon Snow will return!

Yet we’ve been burned by GoT before

Raged-Fueled Impatience
And we have to wait approximately 10,000 decades before the season 6 premiere!

But if he is truly alive it’ll be a mind-blowing miracle proving anything and everything is possible.

And we’ll get to lay out the most satisfying “I told you so” ever.

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So, for the sake of my mental health, I am choosing to believe that Jon Snow is alive and will not consider any arguments to the contrary.