The Mad Men star opens up to Elle about the loss of his parents, losing his virginity and dating

By Christina Dugan
Updated October 20, 2016 09:17 AM
Jon Hamm - News
Credit: Jenny Anderson/WireImage

Jon Hamm is opening up about his late parents.

“[My dad] was twice widowed,” the Keeping Up With the Joneses star said in the November 2016 issue of Elle. “He was divorced from my mom when she died, but even so, there’s a deep sense of tragedy in that. I never had the opportunity to, as an adult, sit down and talk to him about that. It’s a real loss.”

He added, “I was quasi-adopted by my friends’ families. And even today I get e-mails or cards from these women who, for lack of a better word, were my mom. We talk about what it means to be a family. Mostly it’s about showing up. And being aware enough to check in and say, ‘How are you doing?’ I’ve been incredibly lucky to have these people in my life.”

At the young age of 10, Hamm’s mother died from colon cancer. Ten years later, his father passed.

When asked what advice he would give his 20-year-old self, Hamm, 45, said, “The best thing you could say is: “Appreciate it. Struggle is part of the journey. That’s what I’ve learned in my forties: This too shall pass.”

The Mad Men star, who admitted himself into a 30-day treatment facility for alcohol addiction in February 2015, recently opened up about the experience to Mr. Porter’s The Journal.

“It has all these connotations, but it’s just an extended period of talking about yourself,” he said. “People go for all sorts of reasons, not all of which are chemically related. But there’s something to be said for pulling yourself out of the grind for a period of time and concentrating on recalibrating the system. And it works. It’s great.”

Though Hamm did open up about the time he lost his virginity calling it “awkward,” he did not touch on his current love life — or his September 2015 split from longtime girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt.

When asked, “What would you want to tell the next woman who dates you?” Hamm responded, “Oh God. I don’t know. I don’t think I’m ready to answer that yet.”