After accusations that she wrecked his place, the estranged pair may meet, says her lawyer

By Suzanne Zuckerman and Michael Y. Park
Updated December 31, 2009 03:45 PM
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It looks like 2010 may be a less contentious year than 2009 when it comes to the bitter split between Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman.

According to Glassman attorney Stephanie Ovadia, both camps are reaching out to each other to try to resolve his implied allegations that Glassman was behind the ransacking of their New York City apartment over the Christmas holiday, and her allegations that he pushed her.

“The parties reached out to each other,” Ovadia tells PEOPLE. “They mutually reached out to each other and they’re going to try to resolve whatever outstanding issues they have.”

And a face-to-face between Gosselin, 32, and Glassman, 22, is possible, she says.

“I think all the parties are going to meet at some point and we’re going to try to resolve a lot of pending issues,” says Ovadia, who plans to issue a statement once an agreement is reached.

A source has previously told PEOPLE that Gosselin had returned to New York and “is speaking to Hailey. They’re trying to come to a resolution.”