Jon Gosselin Accuses Kate of Stealing His Wedding Ring

He also says he "despises" her for the many years of anger and abuse


Kate Gosselin didn’t just steal a decade of estranged hubby Jon Gosselin’s life – she also swiped his wedding ring, Jon claims.

Jon, 32, blasted his soon-to-be-ex on Good Morning America Monday in the latest of what’s become a series of tirades. He also announced that he “despises” Kate, 34, who he says filled their many years of marriage with anger and abuse.

It’s a long way from only a couple weeks ago, when he said he still loved her.

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Almost as bad, he says, she stole his wedding band. He put down the ring one day only to have it disappear – and Kate’s the only person who could have taken it, he says.

The stars of the reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8, which details their lives raising eight children, filed for divorce in June.

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