Jon Favreau Impressed By Newly Engaged Vince Vaughn's Choices

Life imitates art, he muses, as the Swingers to Couples Retreat costars come full circle

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Vince Vaughn, let your pal John Favreau be the first one to welcome you to the “day shift.”

Favreau, who has been married with children for a number of years, talked to PEOPLE about his friend and costar’s recent engagement at the L.A. premiere of (fittingly) I Love You, Man, and what that means for Vaughn’s lifestyle.

“Vince has been single for a number of years and we’ve been on different schedules,” Favreau said. “He was sort of on the night shift; I was on the day shift, living on opposite ends of town.”

And, he admits, as he settled down, “town” got smaller. “My trick really so far has been to work in town. I won’t work on movies that as a director take me out of town. I like to be in California so I can be involved with my kids’ school life, their personal life and be a dad and a husband,” he said. “And that helps balance out the crazy hours and bigger than life career that I’m lucky to have.”

As for his own history with Vaughn – the 38-year-old ladies’ man who is finally settling down himself with Kyla Weber – the guy friends have come full circle, it seems. “It was nice to work with him on Couples Retreat, and that movie is about couples, and it was interesting to explore that with him after our first experience with Swingers. And that was about being single. So, I think as our lives change, the subject matter of our movies change too, reflecting our lives,” Favreau said.

He added: “I wish Vince the best. He’s always been a smart guy. He’s always been decisive at everything he does in his life and his career. I’m always impressed with his choices and the way that he goes about things.”

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