Jolie, Thornton Union Officially Kaput

It’s official: The brief but colorful marriage of Oscar winners Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton — who once sealed their love with tattoos and shared vials of blood — was over as of Tuesday, according to court papers obtained by the Smoking Gun Web site.

While most details of the uncontested divorce will remain confidential, documents do reveal that Jolie, 27, has waived her rights to spousal support payments from Thornton, 47, who is closely approaching Elizabeth Taylor’s divorce record. (She’s had seven, having been widowed once. Thornton now has five.)

The couple has reportedly drawn up a separate agreement concerning the custody of their 21-month-old adopted son Maddox insofar as visitation rights and support payments are concerned.

Jolie’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, declined to tell the Smoking Gun whether her client would have sole or shared custody of Maddox. “It was a big point in the divorce that things remained confidential,” the attorney said. “It would be a disservice to both of them to provide those kinds of details.”

There has been no comment from Thornton or his representatives.

Jolie filed for divorce from the actor and “Sling Blade” auteur last July, just months after adopting their Cambodian-born child.

At the time, the “Girl, Interrupted” Oscar winner and UN Goodwill Ambassador was seeking sole custody of Maddox, with Thornton (who has two sons and a daughter from his previous marriages) to be granted visitation rights.

She also wanted to keep “miscellaneous jewelry and other personal effects,” as well as her earnings since the day she and Thornton separated. That was stated as being June 3, 2002.

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