Surprise! JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers Celebrate Their Engagement with Friends and Family After Ex Drama

The Bachelorette couple thought they were just going for a casual outing with friends

Photo: Ari Michelson

Jordan Rodgers‘s past relationship drama isn’t keeping him from celebrating his engagement.

JoJo Fletcher took to Instagram to share a photo of their massive group family and friends, who surprised the couple with an engagement party on Saturday night.

“My heart is so full!” Fletcher wrote in her Instagram post. “Jordan and I were going out to what we thought was just a little dinner with friends but instead walked into a room full of both our friends and family to celebrate in our engagement. We are so incredibly blessed.#fletchersmeettherodgers.”

Her fiancé shared the same hashtag in a photo with his brother Luke.

“When you think you are just going to dinner with your fiancé and a few friends and you walk into a room full of both your families and best friends! So blessed to not only have found the love of my life @joelle_fletcher , but have an amazing family and new family to share a life with. So blessed to do life with these people! #fletchersmeettherodgers.”

The couple has been sharing many posts about their love, despite a recent series of posts by Rodgers’ ex-girlfriend Brittany Farrar, who accused the Bachelorette winner of cheating on her in the past.

Just before the festivities, Fletcher posted one photo of the couple holding hands with the caption, “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other…. & tacos.”

Fletcher and Rodgers officially announced their engagement on the finale of The Bachelorette, which ended in Rodgers’ emotional and romantic proposal.

Despite accusations about Rodgers’ past infidelity, Fletcher told PEOPLE she trusts her fiancé.

“Everything that Jordan has ever said to me I’ve believed to be 100 percent genuine,” she told PEOPLE last month. “I never doubted him. And since the show ended, he has proved his love to me every single day. He’s never given me one reason not to trust him.”

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