JoJo Releases Emotional Acoustic Version of Addiction-Inspired Single 'Save My Soul'

"To me, it's like the addict singing to whatever it is they feel powerless to," JoJo said of the gorgeous track

Photo: Courtesy Ohrangutang

Pop fans looking to freshen up their playlists need look no further: JoJo‘s here to save the day.

The singer’s releasing an acoustic video of her new single ”Save My Soul,” and PEOPLE has an exclusive first look at the clip.

“‘Save My Soul’ is a song about addiction, and I grew up seeing addiction very close to me: Both my parents have struggled with it. So as a kid, you don’t kinda know when the bottom is going to fall through or what’s gonna happen next,” JoJo (born Joanna Levesque) says in the video’s opener.

A listener doesn’t have to have battled addiction to appreciate the song’s message, though.

“I’ve also struggled with feeling powerless to definitely a situation; I’ve felt powerless to a person and just certain things in life – so it’s when you feel out of control, that’s what it’s all about. To me, it’s like the addict singing to whatever it is they feel powerless to,” JoJo added.

This isn’t the first time the actress-singer has opened up about her parents’ struggle with the disease. When her father died in November, she penned a tender tribute honoring his memory.

“Save My Soul” is one of JoJo’s first newly released songs in over nearly 10 years. She was caught in a seven-year battle with her former record label but was released in 2014, then, last summer, released III, a series of three singles (or a “tringle,” per the singer) including this track.

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