Victor Voronov files papers claiming he has been the primary caretaker of Tëma, and requests financial support

By Sheila Cosgrove Baylis
March 24, 2014 08:15 PM
Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic

Johnny Weir‘s estranged husband Victor Voronov has filed papers with a New Jersey court to request financial support and the return of their dog Tëma during the divorce proceedings.

In the court papers obtained by PEOPLE, Voronov claims that their Japanese Chin was purchased by Weir but was “a ‘make-up gift’ after [Voronov] caught [Weir] sexting with another man.”

Voronov says that he has been the primary caretaker for Tëma and is “extremely attached to him” and “devastated” by Weir’s removal of the dog from their home.

“I trained him, walked him, took him to the veterinarian,” Voronov writes. “As a direct result of often being home alone while [Weir] was promoting his ‘image,’ it is Tëma that kept me company.”

The Olympic figure skater has also expressed devotion to the pup, posting a photo on Instagram of the pooch Monday with the message: “Such a happy face to come home to after a very long day!”

Weir told PEOPLE last August that [Tëma]’s the love of my life.”

In addition to Tëma’s return, Voronov is seeking help with legal fees and “status quo” financial support from Weir, stating that he does “not have any income, assets, or resources and, as a direct result of [Weir]’s media attack, I currently do not have any prospects for employment.”

A lawyer, Voronov claims he left his job, family and friends in Atlanta, Ga., for Weir.

“Victor gave up his job for the marriage and moved to New Jersey at Johnny’s request,” Voronov’s attorney, Susan Reach Winters told PEOPLE. “They had very traditional roles – Victor supported Johnny in his career and here is Victor, getting the rug pulled out from him.”

Weir maintains that he wanted Voronov to work outside the home.

“If you can’t be an attorney this week, then you better go get a job next week, otherwise the bills won’t get paid,” Weir told Access Hollywood.

Reporting by K.C. BAKER