Johnny Knoxville Recovering from Motorcycle Injury

During a stunt the bike's handlebar landed "on my crotch," says the Jackass star

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Talk about suffering for your, er, art.

Johnny Knoxville, the force behind the cringe-inducing, don’t-do-this-at-home program Jackass, is recovering from a painful injury suffered in a motorcycle stunt taped for a 24-hour marathon special for MTV.

“I decided I could back-flip a motorcycle,” Knoxville, 36, tells PEOPLE. “I guess I should have decided if I could ride a motorcycle beforehand, because I can’t. The bike goes about 15 feet in the air, comes down and breaks off the handlebar on my crotch.”

Following the accident two weeks ago, Knoxville was treated for a torn urethra and has been mostly been bedridden – and constantly uncomfortable – but was proud to announce he just had his catheter removed Thursday.

“My girlfriend was very supportive of me,” he jokes. “Thank God, today I am a man again. I can resume my manly functions.”

Otherwise, all is well in the land of Jackass. In addition to filling all of MTV’s programming this weekend, Knoxville’s antics will be available on a new Web site,

“We’ll be functioning like a network. We can do anything we want,” he says, pauses, and adds. “We’ll see how that goes.”

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