By Stephen M. Silverman
August 10, 1998 12:00 AM

It’s been a bad week for “20/20” consumer reporter John Stossel. Variety reports that the latest knock to the ABC News correspondent took place on the eBay online auction site, where a customer tried to sell off Stossel’s “credibility” in the aftermath of the newsman’s inaccurate “20/20” report on the safety of organic food. (At the network’s insistence, Stossel apologized on the air last Friday for the faulty report. He was also reprimanded, says the Associated Press.) The anti-Stossel eBay posting attacked Stossel’s reputation. “For an unlimited time only,” read the posting, which was sarcastic and short-lived (once eBay officials yanked it), “John Stossel’s credibility is open to the highest bidder!” Not that there was a market for John: His credibility drew only four bids, the highest of which was $2.25. There’s been no comment from Stossel on the auction.