Was It About the 'Full House' Reunion? John Stamos Has 'Sweet Talk' with Mary-Kate Olsen

Stamos' Tweet describing the encounter was hashtagged "family"

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If you’re breathlessly awaiting news about the return of Full House, here is a small morsel of information that you may cling to as the starving man in the desert grasps at grains of sand.

John Stamos spoke to Mary-Kate Olsen Tuesday. They had “a sweet talk.”

That’s it. That’s all you get. The nature, length, setting and exact content of the talk were not clarified, though it presumably concerned the twins saying that they were not informed about the Netflix series Fuller House, and Stamos’ subsequent assessment of that claim as “bulls—.” But what to make of Stamos’ hashtag, “#Family?” Please fervently speculate over the possible implications.

Or not. As Stamos correctly noted, “There [are] way more important things going [on] in the [world] today.”

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