"It was a four-day exercise of emphasizing feelings over facts," Oliver said

By Stephanie Petit
July 25, 2016 08:15 AM

It wouldn’t be right to start the Democratic National Convention on Monday without a few thoughts from John Oliver on Donald Trump – and last week’s fiery Republican National Convention. Of course, Oliver has plenty to say.

After dubbing the RNC to be the “most apocalyptic thing” to ever happen to Cleveland on Sunday’s edition of HBO’s Last Week Tonight, the British comedian examined just how grounded in facts the Republican convention speeches were.

Oliver played a clip of former General Hospital star Antonio Sabato, Jr. telling CNN that he “didn’t believe” President Barack Obama “is a Christian” and is convinced the president is a Muslim.

“Now, what’s revealing there isn’t his mistaken belief that President Obama is a Muslim,” said Oliver. “What is truly revealing is his implication that believing something to be true is the same as it being true, because if anything, that was the theme of the Republican Convention this week.”

He continued, “It was a four-day exercise of emphasizing feelings over facts.”

Clips of convention speakers showed them saying Americans did not feel safe, they felt the country was in a bad spot and the economy feels stuck.

“What do you mean it feels stuck? The economy is about numbers, feelings are supposed to be irrelevant,” Oliver said, before turning his attention to what he called Trump’s emotional yet questionable acceptance speech.

Trump declared in his speech that “corruption has reached a level like never, ever before in our country,” and that “180,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records ordered deported from our country are tonight roaming free to threaten peaceful citizens.”

In reality, Oliver says, “It is worth noting that since President Obama took office crime rates, the flow of illegal immigrants over our borders, and claims for unemployment benefits have all declined.”

When a CNN anchor corrected Newt Gingrich to say the crime rate in America has dropped, contrasting Trump’s declarations, he replied, “The current view is that liberals have a whole set of statistics that theoretically may be right, but it’s not where human beings are.”

“What Gingrich is saying is that feelings are as valid as facts, so then by the transitive property, candidates can create facts – which is terrifying because essentially someone like Donald Trump can create his own reality,” said Oliver.

The Last Week Tonight host also resurfaced a clip from Trump’s reality competition show, The Apprentice. In the eerie clip, Trump states, “This is a dictatorship and I’m the dictator. There’s no voting and there’s no jury.”

“Unless we’re careful, by this time next year, this could be America’s new National Anthem,” cautioned Oliver.